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MomentCam for PC
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MomentCam for PCMomentCam for PC will allow you to make your face more fun than ever and put in your profile!

After the success of MomentCam a lot of people came to enjoy cartoons. The app won a lot of people, even famous as Caio Castro. Split a list with different applications for anyone who wants to play and fun with friends is on Android and the iPhone.

Caricature Me: Very similar to MomentCam for PC

For iOS, this application makes caricatures from your own photos. Want a fun drawing based on his face to share with friends? This app is your face, literally! There are nine different caricature types to choose from.

His Caricature:

Another for iOS. This is quite different from MomentCam because it does not offer models that are already ready for the user only put his face, but yes drawings only.


The “Cartoonist” already has a different proposal. He works as an editing tool that gives a touch of humor to your photos. Of to create really cool caricatures applying distortion effects. For computer.


Another app for you to turn your friends ‘ photos in amusing caricatures. The “FaceGoo” has paid version and free for iOS and Android, and even has a free version for Facebook. The app distorts the image and face brings basic editing tools for you to control the distortion.

Download: MomentCam for PC – MomentCam for Android – MomentCam for iOS